BFB24L-114BS Duplex Weaving Machine

1. High-level automaticity: It will stop automatically when occurring such circumstances as thread cutting, thread lacking, shorten of rubber tube.
2. Stepless speed regulation is adopted in knit weaving, knitting angle is adjustable.
3. High production efficiency: hourly production is 2 times or above than common machine.
4. Low noise, rounding system is equipped with sound-absorption, damping and embedding device
5. Convenient maintenance, flexible transmission, easy assembling and disassembling.
6. This machine just applies one motor, which contributes to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Parameter Table

Motor Power 1.1kw
Power Supply Three-phase Four-wire 380V
Spindle Revolving Speed 55RPM
Driving Revolving Speed 5.26-26RPM
Spooling Stand Random
Pipe Diameter ≤24mm
Traction Wheel ¢200
Spindle Number 24 spindles
Weight 560kg
Bobbin Size 56×22×170 mm 354 cm3
Application Weaving of metal wire and thread
Main Size 620×500×1580 mm