Button Pressing Machine


1. Fixed with several sets of attaching molds/endings which can be shifted easily.
2. Suitable for various materials of garments including leathers. It can fit different sorts of buttons, rives and snappers.
3. Available for different thickness of materials and not adjusting the clearance of moulds.
4. Working pressure can be adjusted easily till it is suitable for working.
5. With automatic safety, the accident is avoidable.
6. Double hands operation and foot pedal control, which can dramatically increasing productivity. The laser positioning
equipment improves button fitting more accurately.
7. Air operated, clean and reliable.
8. According to the differences of attaching pressure, the series are divided into small model (63), middle model (80), large model (100). The small and middle models fit for common clothing like jeans, jacket, leather or hats, shoes, etc. The large model is for special clothing like thick canvas, tarpaulin, plastics, etc. Based on different producing demands, customers can make a suitable purchase, saving a lot of costs.
9. For different sizes of attaching molds/endings and buttons in the market, we can have molds/endings made to order for you.

Parameter Table

Models Number of Attaching Mold/Ending Stroke of Cylinder mm Attaching Pressure kg Gross Weight kg
RE-01-63 1
0-260 33
RE-01-80 1
0-420 35
RE-01-100 1
0-650 37
RE-03-80 3
0-650 45
RE-03-100 3
0-650 47
RE-12-80 12
0-420 67