Cleaning Equipment


1. Cleaning equipment is designed for cleaning particularly and does high-efficiency cleaning on sewing materials.
2. It is necessary machine to reduce cost and increase working efficiency.


Types of High-Quality Cleaning Equipment for Garment: cleaner, cleaning and water scooping machine, drying machine, floor-cleaning machine, floor-cleaning car, compound crystal machine, sofa cleaning machine, polishing machine, high-pressure washer, super high-pressure washer, industrial cleaner and so on.

Range of Application

Application of Cleaning Equipment:

Garment Factory, Needle Dealership, Sewing Machine Store, Machinery Foreign Trade Corporation.


1. Our cleaning equipment is carried with elegant appearance, simple structure, extensive use, convenient operation. High-quality cleaning equipment for garment also equipped with outstanding safety device which makes sure of the reliability of this machine.
2. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of cleaning equipment.