DF241C High Temperature and High Pressure Tube Dyeing Machine

1. It adopts newly corrosion-resistance stainless steel centrifugal pump and owns high performance, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life, which can carry out all kinds of yarn dyeing.
2. Particular reversing gear is attached to conduct circulation of dye liquor.
3. Pressure adding type: air cushion type(or auxiliary pressure adding of pump)
4. Notch and internal pressure are sealed automatically.
5. It owns high-automatic control system and computer temperature control system so that inflowing of water, draining of water, temperature rise, heat preservation and temperature fall can be reached easily.
6. Material feeding and vapor feeding are all adjusted by proportional value, such as time and quantity.
7. Pre-heated deputy cylinder will reduce dyeing time and improve efficacy, which finally obtain better dyeing consequence.
8. Pressed materials: SUS321(or 316L)is durable. Cap opening is controlled by both pressure controller and temperature controller safely by way of stop pin in controlling. Cap won’t open unless the pressure reaches "0” or the temperature is under 80℃.
9. Negative pressure won’t happen suddenly and liquor drainage can be much safer due to its high temperature drainage system.
10. External heat exchanger makes it possible to improve heat exchange efficiency and eliminating energy consumption.