Drying Machine


1. It has high operation speed; performance of sealed accessories has been improved immensely so that low maintenance load can be reached easily.
2. Emission performance for condensate water has already been enhanced.
3. It runs stably.
4. Standing time for unit drying cylinder is long enough to ensure thermal efficiency.
5. It can dry clothes as other machine but with little floor space.
6. It is extremely suitable for fabrics with high density owing to outstanding anti-wrinkle capacity.

Parameter Table

Type Left-hand drive and right-hand drive are optional
Specification Width of fabric 1800-3600mm
Cloth-feeding Speed 35-70m/min
Cloth Feeding and Discharging Mode Feeding and Discharging of Plain Cloth
Most Commonly-used Steam Pressure 0.2Mpa
Total Power 6motors, total power 9.13kW
Boundary Dimension LMH101-180 Length×Width×Height(mm)11660×4730×4800