Drying Machinery Spare Parts

Range of Application


Garment Factory, Needle Dealership, Sewing Machine Store, Machinery Foreign Trade Corporation.

Advantages of Drying Machinery Spare Parts

1. As a drying machinery manufacturer, our company, established in 1999, is an industrial and trade company who is specialized in selling and producing different kinds of sewing machine parts, embroidery machine parts and any other sewing equipments, quilting sewing tools.
2. We have a series of developed equipments such as digital controlled lathe, numerical controlled grinder, CNC milling machine, which bring a high precision to products. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing of drying machinery spare parts was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of products.

Drying Machinery Spare Parts

Electric control box Wet and dry bulb digital instrumentation Inductive Wood Moisture Meter
High temperature and humidity bi-axial fan High temperature and humidity axial fan Blowers
Burner Thermometers Temperature Sensor

Wood kiln moisture detector