Dyeing Machine


1. Main body of this machine and any other parts related to dye liquor are all made of imported high corrosion-resistance materials.
2. Stepless speed change roller of velocity indicator is driven by frequency converting controlled motor.
3. Cloth saving groovy is equipped with teflon board inside.
4. It is installed efficient tube-type heat exchanger and replaceable filter
5. Barrel pump, stirrer, barrel recursive device, fast salifying device
6. Cooling, heating, water inflowing, water draining valves with precise casting are controlled by pneumatic.
7. Stainless steel magnetic board controls liquidometer automatically.
8. Sheet three-way magnetic valve; high temperature and high pressure resistance steel tube.
9. It owns large internal storage and is controlled by programmable microcomputer controller.
10. Electric cabinet is manufactured of stainless steel and equipped with spraying plastics.
11. Cloth feeding device is made of stainless steel.