HX-166 Self Edge-aligning Tensionless Batcher


1. It is suitable for inspection of knitted cloth and package of rolling cloth(especially for rubber elastic cloth, LYCRA).
2. Roller width: 72”, 80”, 90”.
3. Main engine horsepower: 2HPX4P motor, Japan-made 2HP frequency changer, cloth-feeding motor, 1/2HPX6P 2HP Japan-made frequency changer.
4. Edge-aligning machine: Germany-imported magnetic valve, contracted electric-eye tracing.
5. Batching speed: Viable speed ranges 0 to 80 yard/min.
6. Maximum rolling diameter: ф400mm.
7. Operating space: Length 250cm×Width290cm×Height220cm(80”).
8. Tension can be relieved by way of cloth thanks to pre-feeding frequency conversion cloth-feeding groove.
9. It adopts horizontal cloth-feeding, which is capable of maximizing tension and avoiding elimination of width of cloth.
10. It is equipped with stopwatch that can record length of cloth correctly.
11. Inspection plate who owns balanced light is made of milky acrylic.
12. Its cloth distribution device could deal with hemming of selvage and ensure the smooth of cloth and finally make package easily.
13. It is companied with self-cutting device and is capable of saving time and labor at the same time.
14. The margin of cloth is tidy and neat after rolling process. This machine may conduct hard rolling and soft rolling according to the kinds of cloth with beautiful and uniform package.