HX-174 Box-shape Cloth Inspecting and Rolling Machine


1. It carries out edge-tracing process for cloth through cooperation between electric hydraulic edge-aligning machine and hydraulic cylinder.
2. Crate design with neat appearance and easy maintenance.
3. Cloth can be unfolded through the height of this machine before cloth-feeding process. Buckling won’t happen in cloth, take-up plate is situated in front of operator, resulting in easy operation naturally.
4. It is applied for inspection, clearance, package of products after spinning, dyeing and other process.

Technical Parameter

1. Roller width: cloth width for 72": 44"~46"(1120~1168mm), cloth width for 80": 44"~74"(1120~1880mm), cloth width for 90" or above should be customized. 2. Total horsepower: 3HP. 3. Rolling speed: Max speed: 110yard/min, common speed: 0-90 yard/min。 4. Max rolling diameter: take-up roller diameter ф4.5": maxф350mm; take-up roller diameterф5.5": maxф450mm; take-up roller diameterф450mm or above should be customized.