Iron Board


Iron parking board conducts the work with the help of airstream created by high speed rotating of centrifugal electrical machine. Fix and cool materials through suction created by self wind-sucking device when ironing.


Mini tabletop mesh iron board can be classified according to function: flat ironing machine, press ironing machine Iron Board according to structure: non-arm ironing board, single-arm ironing board, double-arm ironing board Iron Board according to starting mode: inching ironing board, pedal ironing board.

Range of Application


Iron parking board is capable of clothes making and a necessary equipment in steam ironing industry.


1. Ironing board is designed according to "V” type wind theory. Mini tabletop mesh iron board owns power suction and superior ironing results.
2. Its electric heating tube that is endurable and fast-heating so that working surface could be kept dry and clean. High quality motor and fan blade make noise as low as possible. Pumping and blowing of wind become easier due to stronger suction and the two inching and pedal switches.
3. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of iron parking board.

Parameter Table

Name Model Heating Power Motor Power Table Size (pressing/ironing)Table (cm)
1.2 Meter Vacuum Table DL-1200 1000W 750W 122×76×80
1.2 Meter Vacuum Table With Single Arm DL-1218 1650W 750W 122×76×80
1.2 Meter Vacuum Table With Dual Arms DL-1228 1650W 750W 122×76×80
1.5 Meter Vacuum Table DL-1500 1000W 750W 150×82×80
1.5 Meter Vacuum Table With Single Arm DL-1518 1650W 750W 150×82×80
1.5 Meter Vacuum Table With Dual Arms DL-1528 1650W 750W 150×82×80
Bridge type vacuum table DL-1600 1650W 750W 175×55×85
Bridge type vacuum table With Single Arm DL-1800 550W 65W 119×39×82
Bridge Type Vacuum Table DL-1900 1000W 650W 110×39×82
Bridge Type Vacuum Table DL-1900A 1000W 650W 110×39×82
1 Meter Vacuum Table DL-1068 500W 180W 100×60×82
1 Meter Vacuum Table With Dual Arms DL-1068A 500W 180W 100×60×82