JUKI industrial sewing machine has won a top level in market shares, quality, varieties all round the world, which has recognized by famous factories who play a leading role in fashion industry in the world. Especially, the clothes made by JUKI industry sewing machine have become an important assessment principle. From the establishment of JUKI, we focus on manufacturing enterprise and exploit technology for creating new values continuously. In order to go through the rough 21st century, we promote revolution in sales, production, development for making JUKI a powerful international manufacturing enterprise. We own the slogan "Mind & Technology” and the belief "customer first”. We should learn from our customers with persistence and create new values together with them. In the meantime, we should also stand in customers’ position and provide satisfied products and service for them. From now on, we will make prompt and flexible reply to the changes in markets and customers in the world. We are going to gain strong support of our customers from different countries and regions and then make our company a society-reliant enterprise.