MB373B Single-cutter Shearing Machine

1. Revolving of spiral cutter: step regulation; Cloth-feeding: frequency control.
2. Shearing cutter is lifted by pneumatic system.
3. Fabric seaming detection, electroacoustic warning, on-off control, pneumatic cutter lifting.
4. Fabric operation: forward and inching backward.
5. Shearing height: Instrument display.

Parameter Table

Items Parameter
Nominal Width(mm) 1800 2200
Cloth-feeding Speed(m/min) 4.8~48 (stepless)
Diameter(mm) ф145
Spiral Cutter Blade(slice) 20
Revolving Speed(r/min) 290-1000(second level)
Total Power(kW)(except dust collection machine and air compressor) 5.89 7.01
Boundary Dimension Length(mm) 3680
Width(mm) 3710 4110
Height(mm) 3155
Machine Weight(kg) 3500 4300