ME503D Single Knife Shearing Machine

1. It is controlled by PLC and operated through screen-touch human-computer interface.
2. Speed of spiral knife may reach 1200 round/min, increasing cutting times of fabrics within unit length.
3. Speed of spiral knife, fabrics and tension of fabrics are all controlled by frequency changer by means of adjusting speed.
4. It adopts fabrics seam-jointing and detective device, electroacoustic warning system, manual-controlled cutter lifting for shearing and brush roll.
5. It could satisfy requirement of shearing by way of inching backward.
6. Lubrication for shearing knife is carried out by oil self-adding device.
7. Spiral cutter and flat knife are equipped with pneumatic release, which is good for maintenance of flat knife.
8. Traverse of spiral knife is conducted through gear motor along with eccentric shaft, which is capable of shearing and grinding of knife used for shearing.

Parameter Table

Items Parameter
Nominal Width(mm) 1800 2200
Cloth-feeding Speed (m/min) 4~34 (stepless)
Spiral Cutter Diameter(mm) 180
Width(mm) 1810 2210
Blade Quantity(pcs) 24
Rolling Speed(r/min) 250-1200(stepless)
Max Interval Between Prop Knife and Cutter(mm) 15
Total Power(kW)(except dust collection machine and air compressor) 11.95
Boundary Dimension Length(mm) 3680
Width(mm) 3835 4235
Height(mm) 2975