ME508 Wide Cropping Machine

1. Human-computer interface, PLC controlling, driving motor of spiral cutter and cloth-feeding adopts frequency control.
2. Shearing for different fabrics is available thanks to the up-to-date designed and replaceable prop knife(patent).
3. Spiral cutter and flat cutter are equipped with pneumatic release so that maintenance of them can be achieved easily.
4. Fabric seaming detection, electroacoustic warning, on-off control, pneumatic cutter lifting.
5. Lubrication for shearing cutter is carried out by self-oil feeder which is controlled by computer.
6. It works stably and is suitable for fine shearing, especially for top-grade materials.

Parameter Table

Items Parameter
Nominal Width(mm) 2600 3200 3600
Cloth-feeding Speed (m/min) 7~35 (stepless)
Diameter (mm) ф183
Spiral Cutter Length(mm) 2610 3210 3610
Blade(slice) 24
Revolving Speed(r/min) 250-1200(stepless)
Max Shearing Height (mm) 20
Total Power (kW)(except dust collection machine) 13.7
Pneumatic Pressure 5×105(5kgf/cm2)
Boundary Dimension Length(mm) 3680
Width(mm) 4800 5480 5820
Height(mm) 3155
Machine Weight (kg) 5000 5500