ME510 Single-cutter Shearing Machine

1. Spiral knife, leading roller and braking roller are driven by independent motor stepless speed. Tension of fabric and cloth-feeding speed can be adjusted easily owing to screen-touch operation and digital display.
2. Relative position of shearing knife and prop knife could be adjusted horizontally and vertically and the operation is simple and convenient.
3. Axis of spiral knife, equipped with special construction, which is capable of adjusting intervals and revolving in high precision.
4. Circular-knife traversing gear is available to shearing and knife-grinding of this machine.
5. Operation becomes more safe and stable thanks to seam-jointing and detective device and electroacoustic warning system.

Parameter Table

Items Parameter
Nominal Width(mm) 2200
Cloth-feeding Speed (m/min) 3~35
Spiral Cutter Diameter(mm) 185
Blade Quantity(pcs) 24
Rolling Speed(r/min) 230-1150
Flat Knife Width(mm) 125
Total Power(kW)(except dust collection machine and air compressor) 10