MLC-1607 Laser Brasive Paper Cutting Machine


Its laser head is designed professionally to deal with abrasive paper. It improved traditional abrasive paper and belt and decreased the cost of using and mending mould. It carries out work without touching punch so that safety accident can be avoided. Fast cutting speed, smooth cutting edge and sorts of types of moulds are available. Composing is controlled by software in computer. It can compose without seam along with little waste, small volume equipment and small space. It is the fundamental equipment for improving quality and technology in abrasive industry. It is equipped with CA control system—a high-powered laser cutting and sculpturing platform. It also has unique intelligent prediction algorithm and improved control algorithm for ensuring speed, efficiency of producing process. Laser energy can be adjustable at real time, which gives our customers convenience in machine operation. Cutting result has been improved greatly energy because its cutting energy can be compensated by itself. It can memorize 99 documents with 128M RAM(maximum: 1G). It has the eternal storage area where data kept and four motor control connecters which can control the operation of four electric motors.

Parameter Table

Laser Power 80W
Laser Type CO2 Sealing-off Glass Tube Laser,Water-cooling,10.6um
Valid Breath 1600×700
Cutting Speed 25-30000mm/min
Laser Energy Control Real-time Adjustable
Max Scanning Precision 2500DPI
Support Graphic Format PLT、DXF(R12)
Dichroic Cutting More than 256 layers
Communication Mode LAN connecter
Boundary Dimension 2400×2080×1630
Total Power 1600W