UNION SPECIAL invented the first embedment machine without change in appearance in the past 100 years. The function is better than any other types of embedment machine. No other factories can defeat it even if they have made a large mount of imitation. In the middle and later 1990s, the participancy of JUKI brought new energy to this time-honored factory. The old-fashioned chained hook line of old-fashioned embedment machine relies on the adjustment of workers entirely, so thanks to the new technology of JUKI, the jumper of chain machine becomes rather easier to carry out. And then comes the joint era of the two companies after JUKI got all the stocks of UNION SPECIAL in the middle and later 1990s. Type 35800, famous type of sewing machine, is also named after JUKI. In the early 2009, JUKI distributed the two brands in order to divide market area clearly. Therefore, UNION SPECIAL 35800 in Asian market changed into JUKI 3580 and only can be produced in Japan, while UNION SPECIAL 35800 in European and American market restored its name but vanished from brands of JUKI.