PK-S4F Jersey Machine

1. It is equipped with up-and-down trangle along with good heat dissipation, outstanding flocking-excluding system and tough needle.
2. Yarn-feeding speed can reach rpm20 or above.
3. Each dial is adjustable and capable of returning to zero easily.
4. It owns long-term service life owing to frequency changer and cooling device.
5. Streamlined appearance with spotlight inside.
6. It owns the characteristics as oil-immersion gear, inbuilt filter, low noise and made of FCD-45which can prolong service life of this machine.
7. Motor and belt should not be changed frequently.

Parameter Table

Type Insidepath Stitch Length Yarn Feeding Mouth Housepower
PK-S4F 30″-38″ 16G-36G 3F 90F、102F、114F 3.7KW 5.5KE
3.2F 96F、108F、120F
4F 120F、136F
6F 180F、204F