Pocket Welting Machine


Industrial automatic pocket welting machine wraps strip on a slippy rolling plate and then conducts the work with the help of friction between large cut-parts and flanged plate.


1. Automatic Lockstitch Pocket Welting Sewing Machine
APW-895(flat pouch with pocket cover)
APW-896(inclined pouch with pocket cover)
2. Pocket welting machine superior to APW-895 are suitable for sewing inclined pouch (oblique pocket cover)
3. Exchange of electronic control device through the first angle knife in the world makes it possible that adjustment of angle knife can be carried out on operation panel.

Range of Application


Industrial Automatic Pocket Welting Machine,Pocket welting stitch of suit, coat, suits pant, A necessary equipment in garment industry.


1. Pocket welting machine can exchange single panel strip and double panel strip through pressing button.
2. Energy-saving type without losing energy of motor.
3. Adoption of oil-saving handpiece. Leaking of oil contamination from the surface is avoided.
4. Sizes of panel strip are expanded, which can sew clothes with large-size pocket.
5. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of industrial automatic pocket welting machine.