Quilting Sewing Machine


Chinaquilting machine can do embroidery and quilting at the same time. It is a new type and developed Quilting Sewing Machine


1. It can do embroidery and quilting at the same time and change color automatically.
2. High-speed computerized quilting machine can quilt single pattern and is equipped with salutatory quilting function. It will quilt in Y direction continuously without end. It is installed automatic take-up system in front and behind of the machine.
3. It has 3.5inches floppy which can be applied to common Quilting Sewing Machine, too.Chinaquilting machine supports USB flash memory and is available for Tajima, Behringer, ZKS, SWF embroider formats.
4. It adopts independent presser foot operation system, which makes its products own stereoscopic sense of beauty. High-speed computerized quilting machine is designed in Y direction roller style. The cloth can be sewed and quilt continuously.
5. It has the characters of simple and convenient operation, easy learning, rotational speed control, power-off protection and memory function.
6.Chinaquilting machine can carry out power-off detection and embroider back and forth. It can also forward and backward in high and low speed.
7. It is equipped with cutting system and the length of thread can be controlled. The thread-hooking system is smooth and steady.

Range of Application


High-speed Computerized Quilting Machine,Garment Factory, Needle Dealership, Sewing Machine Store, Machinery Foreign Trade Corporation.


1. Our Quilting Sewing Machine has unique mechanical structure which can reduce the vibration caused by the machine itself and then lower the noise.Chinaquilting machine owns beautiful appearance, simple structure, wide use, easy operation. What’s more,the superior safety equipment it is equipped will make sure of the safe and reliability of the whole process.
2. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of high-speed computerized quilting machine.