RWP-2D High Temperature and High Pressure Dying Machine

1. Formality: horizontal type, tubular type; divided into No.1, No.2, No.4 tube.
2. Bath ratio: 1:6~12
3. Cloth capacity: 250kg in maximum(different according to different crafts and products)
4. Max working pressure: 0.4Mpa; Max working temperature: 140℃
5. Weaving speed: Max 600m/min
6. Nozzle type: jet-overflow,adjustable interval; specification: Ф70、Ф80、Ф100
7. Primary materials: 1Cr18Ni9Ti or 316L
8. Type of controlling: manual operation or process control
9. Installed capacity: the first tube: 23.5kw; the second tube: 35kw; the forth tube: 53.7kw
10. Boundary dimension(mm)(length×width×height):the first tube: 9950×1900×2650; the second tube: 9950×2600×2650; the forth tube: 9950×4890×2650
11. Application: dacron, polyamide, blending series, superfine fiber, complex fiber, elastic yarn and intertexture of various short and long fiber. (50~800g/m)