Sewing Feed Dog

Description Feed dog for household sewing machine parts is a moving part and it carries out work by up-and-down and back-and-forth movements. It feeds materials with the cooperation of Presser Foot and Needle Plate. Classification 1. BROTHER: Sewing feed dog supplier is a famous company for making printing and sewing machine. The international brands owned by Bother are familiar to lots of customers and win love all over the world. 2. JUKI: Feed dog for household sewing machine parts industrial has won a top level in market shares, quality, and varieties all around the world, which has recognized by famous factories who play a leading role in fashion industry in the world. 3. PFAFF: PFAFF, located in western German, with more than 145 years history, is the biggest professional company in sewing machine field. 4. SINGER:Sewing feed dog supplier is one of top ten brands for sewing machine and the most famous domestic products, leading brand for sewing machine, the first electric sewing machine maker in the world. 5. KANSAI SPECIAL:Feed dog for household sewing machine parts has a long history in Japan and is one of the most famous brands in the world. 6. PEGASUS: We specialized in producing and selling industry sewing machine. Our products are particularly suitable to make scalability knitting products, such as T-shirt, swimsuit and so on. We are professional manufacturer of circular seam sewing machine. 7. SIRUBA: We concentrated on R&D of industry sewing feed dog supplier from potable seam mouth machine in the early period of entrepreneurship and adopt various types of machine and criterions in order to achieve leading role. 8. YAMATO: Feed dog for household sewing machine parts, with 80 years history, is a top brand for sewing machine in the world. Range ofApplication Application: Garment Factory, Needle Dealership, Sewing Machine Store, Machinery Foreign Trade Corporation. Advantages: 1. Our company, established in 1999, is an industrial and trade company who is specialized inselling and producing different kinds of sewing feed dog, sewing machine parts, embroidery machine parts and any other sewing equipment, quilting sewing tools. 2. We can offer thousands of kinds of spare and accessory parts with more than ten brands, including JUKI, BROTHER, etc. 3. We have a series of developed equipment such as digital controlled lathe, feed dog for household sewing machine parts, umerical controlled grinder, CNC milling machine, which bring a high precision to products. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of products.