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Sewing Machine

Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Lockstitch sewing machine is a machine who can form one stitch on materials with one thread and then make ...


Overlock Sewing Machine

High-speed overlock sewing machine also called cup seaming machine or bone car and can be divided into ...


Interlock Sewing Machine

Interlock Sewing Machine can make chainstitch. This kind of high-speed interlock industrial sewing machine is ...


Button Hole Sewing Machine

1. High-speed button hole sewing machine adopts swing needle bar, double curved needle, double fork snell, ...


Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

Bar tacking sewing machine is also called bartacking machine or knot tying machine and is used for reinforcing ...


Hand-Stitch Sewing Machine

1. China hand-stitch sewing machine carries out the up-and-down motion through transmission structure. It consists ...


Blindstitch Sewing Machine

Industrial blindstitch sewing machine is a machine which can keep neat, beauty of materials and hide sewing stitch ...


Zigzag Sewing Machine

1. Zigzag sewing machine, a special equipment in sewing industry, owns other name as Z-type stitch machine and ...


Auto Cycling Sewing Machine

Auto cycling sewing machine is a machine sewing stitches through one or more thread and making the materials ...


Multi-Needle Chain Stitch Sewing Machine

1. Multi-needle chain stitch sewing machine is used for producing heat preservation quilt for greenhouse. It is ...


Cuff Sewing Machine

China cuff sewing machine is one of the most difficult processes in making mane’s and women’s suit. The new-type ...


Fur Sewing Machine

Automatic lubrication fur sewing machine is a industry sewing machine over-seaming stitch with single thread. ...


Pocket Welting Machine

Industrial automatic pocket welting machine wraps strip on a slippy rolling plate and then conducts the work with ...


Bag Closer Sewing Machine

The stitches made by bag closer sewing machine are single-thread chain stitch which is elastic and can be torn ...


Shoes Sewing Machine

Shoes sewing machine, divided into pedestal device and upper device, is a full set of equipment used in shoes ...


Special Sewing Machine

Cylinder bed special sewing machines can be divided into domestic sewing machine, industrial sewing machine and ...



1. Our company, combining manufacture and trade, is a top retail enterprise and sewing machine manufacturer in the world.
2.We specialized in Needle Plate, Sewing Machine Folder, Presser Foot, Sewing Machine Knives, Sewing Looper, Rotary Hoo Bobbin, Sewing Machine Bobbin Winder, etc. REACH have won good reputation from home and abroad. The products have been exported to Central and South America., Europe, sewing machine,Southeast Asiaand other countries and regions.


1. Lockstitch Sewing Machine
2. Heavy Material Lockstitch Sewing Machine
3. Overlock Sewing Machine
4. Interlock Sewing Machine
5. Button Hole Sewing Machine
6. Bar Tacking Sewing Machine
7. Hand-Stitch Sewing Machine
8. Blindstitch Sewing Machine
9. Zigzag Sewing Machine
10. Auto Cycling Sewing Machine
11. Multi-Needle Chain Stitch Sewing Machine
12. Cuff Sewing Machine
13. Fur Sewing Machine
14. Pocket Welting Machine
15. Bag Closer Sewing Machine
16. Shoes Sewing Machine
17. Special Sewing Machine


1. Our company, established in 1999, is an industrial and trade company who is specialized in selling and producing different kinds of sewing machine, sewing machine parts, embroidery machine parts and any other sewing equipments, quilting sewing tools.
2. We can offer thousands of kinds of spare and accessory parts with more than ten brands, including JUKI,BROTHER, etc.
3. We have a series of developed equipments such as digital controlled lathe, numerical controlled grinder, CNC milling machine, which bring a high precision to products. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee

External Maintenance

1. Clean every parts of the machine and ensure cleaning for it. Dirt and grime is impossible. Included parts: platen, thread stand, electric light
2. Pour thread frame, yarn trapper, underneath baffle should be equipped with clean appearance.
3. Examine stability for assembly unit and fix broken bolt.
4. Ensure oil leveler of high speed parallel sewing machine up to grade.

Inner Maintenance

1. Examine oil box and top up engine oil. Ensure oil-hole and oil-way of every parts unblocked.
2. Add oil to every lubricating parts of the machine. Examine quality and quantity of oil in high speed parallel sewing machine. Oil leaking examination is also included. Clean dust on oil pump and keep it bright. Ensure oil-way unblocked and oil pump works well.
3. Tear down the faller and clean feed dog (two screws for faller). Add oil into rotating shuttle.
4. Cut off power supply and clean dust on motor, pagoda plate. Add oil into oil-hole of electrical machine. Ensure electrical installation fixed neatly and stably and can be sensitive to light. Take care of protection of electric appliance of the super-speed machine. Mend sewing machine in time when problems happen.

Service advantage(after-sales service, team service)
Guarantee Period

1. 6 months after Shipping Date;
2. Replace wrong-sent/broken parts;
3. Resend short/miss qty after check;

Quality Report

1. Request a quality test report after receive the order, for Reach’s improvement

Packing and Shipping and Payment Term

1. Retail ------→Wholesale (large QTY)
2. Depends on different items, e.g. Scissors Min
3. 500pcs, Looper Min 100pcs, Hook 100pcs...

Payment Term

1. 100% T/T deposit for trial order/future small order
2. 30%T/T Deposit+70% T/T before shipmen
3. 30% T/T Deposit + 70% D/P
4. L/C, OA for future regular business

Delivery Time

1. Parts order → 10-15 working days
2. Machine order → 20-30 working days
3. Exactly depends on Qty/Products of the order

Shipping Way

1. Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS, Aramex, any requiredEMS;
2. By air or by sea for large volume & weight;
3. Freight prepaid or freight collected;

Why ChooseReach

1. Full Products: sewing machine, spare parts, accessories
2. Complete Models: lockstitch, interlock, domestic, embroidery,puller, cutting, iron
3. Various Brands: Juki, Brother, Siruba, Singer,Eastman, Pfaff, Union Special…

Quality Guaranteed

1. Genuine Material &Solid Substance
2. Strict Quality Control System
3. 100% Installation Test
4. Timely Delivery: Parts order → 20-30 working days, Machine order → 25-35 working days.