SGA211 Air Jet Loom

1. SGA211 Air Jet Loom is controlled by computer system automatically.
2. Rack construction with low vibration and high rigidity is made up of box-type wallboards and beams. Super toque motor, beating-up mechanism, high running suited shedding mechanism, stable wefting system, ELO electronic loom off device for keeping uniformity of warp tension as well as dual-search unit photoelectricity weft feeler. They guarantee high-speed running and high-quality sewing of this machine.
3. SGA211 Air Jet Loom adopts oil-bath pattern for main parts while concentrating oil-adding is used in other parts so that easy maintenance can be reached. Cost has been immensely decreased owing to curtate air passage, sensitive solenoid valve, super power nozzle. This machine owns high universality, wide weaving range, which is suitable for cotton-weaving, fiber-weaving and blended fabrics weaving.