Shuttle Race Complete


1. Shuttle race complete is a main part of sewing machine. Every pin code was completed by forwarding thread through shuttle frame hook. The top thread and sewing machine needle must have some relationship with inner accessories.
2. The quality of shuttle race complete of sewing machine spare parts has significant influences on the function of sewing machine. It possesses advantages as tiny load, high precision, fast speed while its failure mode presents as abrasion.




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Advantages of

Shuttle Race Complete

1. Our company,established in 1999, is an industrial and trade company who is specialized in selling and producing different kinds of sewing machine parts, embroidery machine parts and any other sewing equipments,quilting sewing tools.
2. We can offer thousands of kinds of spare and accessory parts with more than ten brands, including JUKI, BROTHER, etc.
3. We have a series of developed equipments such as digital controlled lathe, numerical controlled grinder, CNC milling machine, which bring a high precision to products. In the meantime,rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of products.

Method of application

1. Disassembly of shuttle race complete happens regularly due to the defects occurred in the inner of shuttle race complete, such as nip of thread, breaking of needle, breaking of thread and so on. The steps of dismounting for it should completely correct otherwise it may be positioned in the other side or wrong side and then results in breakdown should not be existed.
2. Lift the hand piece before carrying out disassembly and raise sewing machine needle to the highest position. Unscrewing the screws of shuttle race complete and then the full set shuttle race complete can be taken down.
3. After disassembly of shuttle race complete, you can unscrew compression spring screw and then compression ring spring and ring of shuttle race complete will be taken down easily.Finally, all the accessories could be torn down entirely.
4. Eventually, you can check whether there is needling in the gaps of tracks in shuttle race complete or not. You should polish and smooth it by oilstone and replace it once it got abrasion. What’s more, you must make sure smooth in shuttle race ring and use oilstone when it is broken or out of flatness. We call the side which is close to shuttle frame frontage and the other side which is with a slope the reverse side. The two lids of shuttle race complete are fixed by screws which are taken down without necessity. If the lids have already got grooves and breakages, then disassembly must be carried out.