We concentrated on R&D of industry sewing machine from potable seam mouth machine in the early period of entrepreneurship and adopt various types of machine and criterions in order to achieve leading role. We have 12 series of sewing machine and 120 types of models with main production line for crochet and hook and other production line for single needle, multi needles, flatcar, computer vehicle. We develop new types of machine along with market-penetrating, need- exploring of customers so as to improve functions of accessories and eventually become the biggest factory in industrial sewing machine. We own the principle ”No working error, no broken products”. Each machine of our company must be accompanied with identity number,assembly signed table and test samples. The products will be allowed to sell to customers after noise test, vibration test, temperature test and other test for skipped stitch, tightness adjustment. And finally they will turn into perfect sewing machine. The machine can also be provided with after-sales service after being sent out of factory according to their device number. We regard the sewing machine as our child and are willing to satisfy every demand of our customers’.