1. It is equipped with servocontrol system to make sure the precision of paving. Automatic inosculation system, it will stop automatically when the cloth runs out. The cloth is transmitted through roller and paved without strain.
2. The knife is sharpened automatically and the distance of all knives is adjustable. It is controlled by encoder in order guarantee the precision of length for paving. It is also equipped with accessories to ensure smooth of cloth which is to be sent out.
3. Paving length and layers, degree of tightness of materials are under control of parameter set.

Parameter Table

Technical Parameters SM-IA(1.6m)
Maximum Weight(yardage roll) 60kg
Power Supply 单相AC220V/50-60Hz/2kw
Maximum Paving Height 20cm
Maximum Diameter (yardage roll 60cm
Maximum Paving Speed 90m/min
Paving Width 160vm
Paving Methods Single Way Paving Double Way Paving Multi-segment &Unequal-length Paving
Equipment Weight 400kg