Spinning Machinery Spare Parts

Spinning Machinery Spare Parts

Advantages of Spinning Machinery Spare Parts

1. Our company, established in 1999, is an industrial and trade company who is specialized in selling and producing different kinds of spare parts for textile machine, sewing machine parts, embroidery machine parts and any other sewing equipments, quilting sewing tools.
2. We have a series of developed equipments such as digital controlled lathe, numerical controlled grinder, CNC milling machine, which bring a high precision to products. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing of spare parts for textile machine was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of products.

Spinning Machinery Spare Parts Include:

FA504 Single gauge block
SKF spacing block
V type Pressure bar spacer

FA401-2100-38 Roving guides for roving frames A453-2100-8 Roving guides for roving frames A454-2100-15 Roving guides for roving frames

Vtype Plastic yarn guide textile machine V type Pressure bar spacer Spacing block

Roving hydraucone binder Yarn-leading trumpet TEJ262-160 hanging ingot DD2-1800

hanging ingot DD2-2200 hanging ingot DD2P-2200 hanging ingot DD4-17

hanging ingot DD4-1715 hanging ingot DD5 hanging ingot DD6-1615

hanging ingot DD6 KH reel spindles ZZ2-70 dust cap

dust cap 1 Japanese style rovingA456-2100-412 cotton speerator FA401-2500-28

Driving device FA398 driving device FA back collector FA401-07-016A

back collector FA401-2100-18 back horn mouth FA401-2100-20 false twister DYD-07

false twister FA401-DYD-03 alse twister FA502 false twister XDY-06

false twister XDY-21 false twister XDY-78A false twister XDY-109

adjustable elliptical hole twoport trumpet cotton collector FB501-1200-2 cotton collector TEJ62-00-106

brake setter front collector FA401-2100-16 front clear guider FA401-2200-39

upper and lower rails 161415-01-02 upper and lower rails 6842-B upper and lower rails 7587-B

top spin 9033B top spin 11033B top spin MF-6

top spin MF-6833B top spin MF-7533B handle knob QYT3-125V-30

twoport trumpet elliptical hole twoport trumpet transparent suction tube

Thread touching Japanese collector 1.3 circular twoport trumpet6 middle collector

Round pressure bar spacer middle collector MFDCJ-013-0 middle condenser

middle collector FA421-07-018 middle collector SXFA410-2200-6