YFDK-D High Speed Double Knitting Machine

1. Newly designed rack transmission mechanism and central oil-feeding system will greatly improve occlusion level of gear. Meanwhile, this system prolongs service life of gear by reducing inner temperature of the machine.
2. Thickness for height of grail gives rise to stability and long service life of the whole machine. Grail gear and tripod gear that owns high precision are made by imported hobbing cutter. Special accessory shaft and line shaft with two attachment driving shafts do a great favor to improve stability and durability of drive system.
3. Trangle adopts lock-up four runways structure along with self-developed cooling system and special processing so that it owns superior heat dissipation.
4. It is multifunctional and equipped with trangle. Exchange of rank for professional trangles can naturally change different two-sided structure or even satisfy needs of transpositonal market. It also has superior performance, high output and strict structure with high precision, which can ensure quality of weaving products.
5. Needle rail can be divided through various methods and trangle can be adjusted independently, all of them will achieve high elasticity and wide range of weaving.
Technical specification:
Needle drum diameter: 14”~44”inch
Stitch length: 18G~38G
Yarn feeding ways: 32F~88F