YG(L)026SMulti-functional Electronic Fabric Strength Machine

1. It is equipped with gantry desktop with light weight and beautiful appearance.
2. Its sampling frequency reaches 1000times/sec, which makes sure of the more precise experimental datum.
3. It is driven by imported servo system and transmitted through ball screw with stable and accurate operation.
4. Many kinds of protection mode, safe and reliable.
5. Modular design that is available to extended function.
6. It supports on-line communication. Its analytic system will provide us with detailed statement, graphical analysis during testing and after testing. What’s more, the datum can also be memorized and used when needed.

Parameter Table

Work Pattern Microcomputer Control, Liquid Crystal Chinese Display, Report Printing, Tenacity Elongation Curve, On-line Communication
Sampling Frequency 1000 times/sec
Range Ability Type 50type 100 type 250 type 500 type 1000 type
Range 500N 1000N 2500N 5000N 10000N
Measure Range 1%~100%
The Force Measurement Accuracy 0.2%F.S
Stretching Velocity 1~1000 mm / min
Valid Stroke beam 800 mm
Elongation Resolution 0.01mm
gantry width 400mm
Dimensions (L×W×H)( mm) 700×4800×1640
Weight 150kg
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50HZ