Zigzag Sewing Machine


1. Zigzag sewing machine, special equipment in sewing industry, owns other name as Z-type stitch machine and herringbone type stitch machine. It is also used for sewing elastic stitch of Z-type.
2. Heavy duty heavy thread zigzag sewing machine consists of the four main parts: material impaling part, thread hooking part, thread picking part, material feeding part and other auxiliary body: thread wrapping part, material pressing part, tooth dropping part. Each part will cooperate with each other and conduct the cycle operation to sew the materials.


1. RE2290 HIGH-SPEED Zigzag Sewing Machine Series (Computer-Controlled):

It adopts electronic control, equipped with basal sewing designs of eight series, fourteen patterns, which can be chosen directly through the accessory keyboard.

2. RE20U-ZNH Intelligent Zigzag Sewing Machine:

RE2OU-ZNH zigzag sewing machine is the new product of our company. It is suitable for decorative seaming on thin, medium and thick fabrics of bras, underwear, gloves, garments, shoes, caps, leather and bags etc.

3. RE457 High-Speed, Single-Needle:

Heavy duty heavy thread zigzag sewing machine attaching laces, making shoulder straps, and general zigzag works.

4. RE655/656 Single Needle Zigzag Locks titcher:

Advanced production technology fromJapanis adopted to sew decorative seams in zigzag stitches on knitted cloth for ladies’ wear.

5. 20U23/33/43/53/63 Zigzag Sewing Machine Series:

Zigzag sewing machine is suitable for zigzag sewing, embroidery, abutted seaming on light and medium material, such as garments, shoe- sand caps, leather articles and caps, leather articles and bags, etc.

6. RE-652 Lockstitch Zigzag Sewing Machine Series:

This machine is suitable for general materials, equipped with a needle bar fixing mechanism to prevent needle bar from wavering, which will allow perfect zigzag stitches as well as straight stitches.

7. RE271/391 Multifunctional Embroidering Machine:

Heavy duty heavy thread zigzag sewing machine is constructed with link thread take up lever, rotating hook with thread, swinging needle bar and double lockstitch.

8. RE-D350 Zigzag Lockstitch Sewing Machine Series:

It is suitable for general material and owns easy operation with back stitch device, automatic oil system, extending the life of the machine.

Range of Application


Garment Factory, Needle Dealership, Sewing Machine Store, Machinery Foreign Trade Corporation.


1. Our Hand-Stitch Sewing Machine owns elegant appearance, simple structure, wide use, convenient operation, especially its superior safety installment which can ensure security and reliability for this machine.
2. In the meantime, rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of products.