Special Sewing Machine


As an experienced special sewing machines supplier in China, we provide all kinds of sewing machine including cylinder bed special sewing machines which can be divided into domestic sewing machine, industrial sewing machine and the special sewing machine in service business. The special sewing machine also can be sorted to binding machine, cloth inspecting machine, silk fabric machine, back-tacking machine, fusible interlining machine, multi-functional pattern machine and so on.

Classification of Sewing Machines

1. RE36200 FEED-OFF-THE-ARM Double Chain Stitch Machine and Interlock Stitch Machine Series:

RE36200 chain stitch machine

can be used for lap seaming heavy weight fabrics, such as in seaming or side seaming on jeans and working clothes.

2. RE35800 FEED-OFF-THE-ARM Double Chain Stitch Machine And Interlock Stitch Machine Series:

The machine can be used for lap seaming heavy weight fabrics, such as in seaming or side seaming on jeans and working clothes.

3. MS1190 HIGH-SPEED FEED-OFF-THE-ARM Double Chain Stitch Machine Series:

MS1190 HIGH-SPEED FEED-OFF-THE-ARM Double Chain Stitch Machine Series is suitable for making shirts, coats, jeans and slacks made of light or medium, weight materials.

4. MS1261 2, 3 NEEDLES FEED-OFF-THE-ARM Chain stitch Sewing Machine Series/with Puller:

This machine is suitable for medium & heavy material with special feed-off-arm.

5. RE927/928 Bracket Barrel Type sewing machine Series:

RE927/928 sewing machine series is suitable to the shirt, the windproof coat, the jeans, the leisure installs and so on the thin material, center the thick material clothing processing, its bracket barrel type special structure specially suits tube spot and so on the sleeve, trousers meets builds tailoring.

6. RE63900 Lockstitch Hemming On Trouser Bottoms And Sleeves Machine:

Lockstitch cylinder bed machine with a synchronous, continuously operating upper and lower puller close behind the needle.

7. RE366-76-12 ZIG ZAG Sewing Machine:

RE366-76-12 sewing machine adopts link thread take-up. The imported special large shuttle hook and large Bobbin capacity offers high efficiency sewing production.

8. RE-106-L Flatbed, Long Arm Single Needle, Lockstitch Machine Series:

Medium Heavy Duty Material, Compound Feed System, Walking Foot Mechanism, Semi-automatic lubrication, 2 Times Capacity Big and Horizontal Axis Hook, Reverse Stitch, Suitable for leather clothing, tent, vinyl, Plastic, Upholstery, synthetics, Canvas and various coated And laminated products.

9. RE-2156C-L Cylinder Bed Long Arm Single Needle, Lockstitch Machine Series:

Medium Heavy Duty Material, Semi-automatic Lubrication, Compound Feed System, Walking Foot Mechanism, 3Times Capacity Large and Vertical Axis Hook, Reverse Stitch.

10. RE-256RB-L/RE-2156E-L Long Arm, Middle-heavy Weight Material Sewing Machine:

1 needle (EA-2156E-L), 2 needle (EA-256RB-L), long arm, middle-heavy weight material, compound feed with walking foot, semi-automatic lubrication system, reverse stitch, vertical 3 times capacity hook.

11. RE-2156C-2/RE-2156C-L2 Double Needle Compound Feed:

Compound feed with 2 needles walking foot, semi-automatic lubrication system, vertical 3 times capacity hook, reverse stitch, discal stitch adjustor. The safety clutch mechanism prevents hook from overload, suitable for leather bag, car’s inside and outside decoration.

12. RE-500 Plastic Staple Attacher:

RE-500 plastic staple attacher allows the staples attached leather or paper brand label on waist of trousers. Jeans waistband ticket socks provided substitute for straight needle of shirt.

13. RE8860 Versatile Cup Seaming Machine:

RE8860 can do almost all kinds of ruffles (pleats) by changing the cam (Total 14 cams).

14. RE8088 Cup Seaming Machine:

RE8088 cup seaming machine for leafing has ruched (seam shrinking) device, and is applicable offering pleating of children clothes, skirts, women’s garments, bedgowns, bedspreads, and curtains.

15. RE8028 Double-Stitch Lockstitch Sewing Machine:

Double-colored floral rope machine, the appearance of this machine is novel, the line mark is unique and beautiful, refuge full-automatically, low convulsion, regulating simply and directly with high efficiency, it is suitable for the decorative such as men and women’s dress, leather shoes, sportswear, children dress, bedspread, handbag, etc.

16. RE8038 High-Speed Lockstitch Lacy Sewing Machine:

High-speed whipstitch lace machine which is suitable for the lace decoration of same materials such as women’s underwear, dress collarband, lap, bedding, etc.

17. RE8890/8892 Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Hawser:

RE8890/8892 special sewing machines is noise low, transmission balanced, thread trace continuity, install auto setting, be for costume habiliment calling decorate design.

18. RE-T801 Round Knife Skiving Machine:

RE-T801 is a circumspect designed skiving machine made with advanced technique and precise parts. Operated easily and safety.

19. RE-318/328/338 Shell Stitch over Look Swing Machine:

The number of stitches per shell is changeable simply by moving the one-touch lever on the frame top and moving the edge guide simultaneously.

20. RE1-2 Blanket Overedging Sewing Machine:

This is a cylinder bed special sewing machines for sewing cotton, woolen and children blanket. Not only does it has the general effect of a overlock stitcher, But also has some decorating effect to promote the appearance of blanket.

21. GK0010-1 Double Thread Chain Stitch Sewing Machine:

It is suitable for sewing medium fabric of silk and chemical fiber, especially for gloves making.

22. RE-2502 One Needle Two Thread Carpet Overedging Machine:

Applications: common carpets, blanket, car carpets, small carpets.

23. JBZ245 Knitting Machine:

Suitable for knitting multi or single-cotton thread, medium or thick pure wool, cashmere or blending fabric, also for hand knitting, suitable for house knitting.

24. RE2004-1A Multi-function Plaiting Equipment:

Multi-functions plaiting equipment is the products winning state patents, this equipment have reasonable structure, good setting, convenient operation, special sewing machines can be sewing, clock wide plaiting, the size may be adjusted in a range.

25. RE1709 Computerized Embroidering Sewing Machine:

The machine is a new designed with alloy aluminums machine body, X and Y axis double railways. So the machine can be operated easily and freely.

26. DH2600-3Computerized Quilting Machine:

Timing display of preset parameter, quilting patterns, working conditions and Chinese charters; Automatic inspecting thread breakage and stopping and moving to threading position.

27. DH-1 Quilting Machine:

Model DH-1 quilting machine have fine appearance, strong structure, high speed high efficiency and economic power consumption.

28. RE8808/8809 Computer Flake Sewing Machine:

Needle sewing controlled with program, the machine can discretionarily sew various zigzag stitches from 1 to 2 needles. Only replacing the accessories, sewing materials of 3mm, 5mm, 7mm can be sewed commodiously, and the flowery sewing used in the decorating of clothes industry.

Application of

Cylinder Bed Special Sewing Machines


1. Special sewing machines : binding machine, cloth inspecting machine, silk fabric machine, back-tacking machine, fusible interlining machine, multi-functional pattern machine and so on.
2. Binding machine:Strip made by different kinds of materials such as cloth, leather, paper, chemical fiber.
3. Cloth inspecting machine: Cloth inspecting machine used to inspect thick cloth, heavy cloth, cowhells cloth, weave cotton cloth, etc. It is also used for cloth inspecting , code measuring, cloth rolling, cloth folding of clothes and so on.
4. Silk fabric machine: it is suitable for sewing of decoration.


1. Our special sewing machines supplier can be operated by workers with low noise, small vibration in a happy atmosphere. This machine can sew with low tension through our study. 2. It can deal with all kinds of materials with high quality. This special machine could save electric energy and reduce total cost. The stitch is adjustable and reinforced back and forth. It has low noise, small temperature rise, ascendant working environment. Its motor runs stably and possesses long service life under servo control system. 3. Rigorous management system in product testing was established for massy basis in quality guarantee of cylinder bed special sewing machines.